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Terms and Conditions

The "Company", "Us" or "We" shall mean Robin Hill Plumbing & Installations or any contractors working on its behalf.
The "Customer" or "You" shall mean the corporate identity, firm or person seeking to purchase the Goods or Services from the Company
The "Goods" shall mean the goods or services to be supplied to the Customer by the Company

Quotations. Deposits and Payments
1. The quotation is subject to acceptance within 28 days. Quotation includes VAT. The quotation includes the labour and the materials required to fit the items noted in the quotation. It may not include the supply of the item unless stated. The quotation does not include any decoration that may be required.
2. On agreeing to this quotation the customer accepts that there may be unforeseen circumstances and works that may not be apparent at the time of our survey. It is assumed that the wall/floor surfaces or any other fabric of the house will be adequate and intact after removal of tiles or any other fitting. Rectification of these works may become chargeable.
3. The quotation and the installation are on the condition that any necessary licenses, applications or permissions, including the consent of the Landlord or Local Council, are first obtained by the Customer.
4. Unless stated, it is assumed 30cm x 40cm or similar sized ceramic tiles are installed. Porcelain, stone or any other difficult material and unusual sized tiles could incur an additional cost. Any specialist grout or adhesive may incur extra cost. This will be discussed prior to starting work.
5. A deposit may be required. This is required 14 days prior to the estimated start date and is normally 25% of the labour install plus any goods that are ordered on the Customer's behalf. Funds will need to cleared in the bank before any work is started or any goods are ordered. For large projects an interim payment will be required based on the pro-rata work completed.
6. All balances for works will become due upon completion/commissioning in full within 7 days. Interest and associated costs will be chargeable on late payments. Any goods shall remain the property of the Company until the Customer has paid the costs and any other agreed charges in full.
7. Jobs on an hourly rate will include all reasonable time spent in obtaining materials.
8. The Company terms and conditions shall prevail over any terms and conditions used by you or contained, set out or referred to in any documentation sent to us by you. By entering into a contract with us you agree irrevocably to waive the application of any of these terms and conditions.

Date Commitments
9. Workloads and commitments prior to an estimated start date can vary. Customers will be informed of any potential delays. Appointments are given in good faith. The Company accept no responsibility or loss due to unforeseen circumstances to delays in completion of work due to illness, failure of delivery or damaged materials supplied by the us or the like.
10. If the installation work has to be delayed or varied at the customers request we shall be entitled to make a reasonable additional charge for the extra cost incurred.

11. If during the course of the work asbestos or any other potentially hazardous substance is discovered, we will need to comply with local regulations or any other requirements before work continues. The Customer will be responsible to remove any such material or leave the area safe.
12. The work will be carried out in a professional manner. We cannot, however, be held responsible for any damages to decorations, fittings, existing pipe work, cylinders or tanks caused during the normal course of installing or removing fixtures and fittings. Although every care is taken when taking up flooring coverings we cannot be held responsible for any damage whilst carrying out this work.
13. If the customer supplies their own materials, they will be responsible for any missing parts or faults. We reserve the right to charge for any costs incurred. If you instruct us to buy materials and then cancel, we reserve the right to charge you for the cost of any materials, time or any other charges incurred by us.
14. All Goods whilst on the Customers premises are at the sole risk of the customer. The Customer is liable for any Goods damaged or lost together with any charges associated with the loss. The Customer shall not be responsible for any loss incurred by the negligence of our employees or contractors.

15. We have a twelve month guarantee period of our labour and the duration of the manufacturers guarantee for any parts or equipment supplied by us. You agree that if you do not contact us within 12 months we shall have no liability. If there is a problem then you agree to allow us to inspect and carry out any remedial work at our expense.
16. Replaceable or perishable rubber seals or any other mechanical items are not covered by our guarantee. Silicon seals and grouting are guaranteed for 30 days and must be regularly inspected and replaced as a matter of routine maintenance.
17. This guarantee shall not apply following incorrect operating procedures, breakage or damages caused by fault, carelessness, abuse, misuse, misapplication, improper maintenance, alteration or modification of the unit, as well as chemical or natural corrosion, fire, or any other casualty

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