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Frequently Asked Questions

The following should answer any questions that you may have. If you have any questions that we have missed then please contact us with your query. We are there to help.

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Q Do you offer free quotes and design service?
We do not charge for a quotation. Be wary of any companies who do. We can offer a full design service with computer drawn sketches if necessary.

Q Are you insured?
Yes, we are. We have a £1 million public liability insurance policy. You can view a summery of it here

Q I want to look at some of your work and references.
Check out the gallery and testimonials pages of the website. These pictures are our very own projects. We are now entering our 15th year of business and our mission is to build the business to be one of the best and most respected company in the area.

Q Does the quote you have given me includes everything?
Check the details of the quotation carefully but it will normally include all labour and all fittings to refurbish your room. This includes plumbing fittings, pipework, adhesives, timber and suchlike. Normally the quote will list bathroom or kitchen furniture separately if you asked us to supply that for you. Do read the terms of conditions that was attached to the quote or you can see them here

Q What guarantees do you offer?
We offer a twelve month guarantee on the installation. This includes any fixtures that we have supplied. We will not leave the installation until you are not satisfied. Any problems that arise since the install please contact us and will be over to rectify them as soon as we can. We will leave you with details to register any fitments that have extended guarantees. Further details are explained in the terms and conditions.

Q I want to order the suite/shower/kitchen etc on the internet.
That is no problem at all. Make sure everything is complete and intact when it is delivered. But be aware that not all internet shops supply quality products items may be cheap and they are cheap for a reason. Some are such a poor quality or bad design and often can cause problems to install occasionally we have to add extra labour costs to fix faults or to cover additional installation time. Sometimes we reveal problems and the monies you have saved are cancelled out. We supply from known manufacturers from local merchants - they are products that we have used before and know that they install easily and not require any remedial work.

Q You have quoted for something but I have found it cheaper elsewhere?
We buy nearly all of our items from local merchants and they offer top service should problems arise. In most cases we can get replacements delivered same or next day. This is the price you pay for a quality service. You cannot get that level of service from a DIY store. Remember if there is a problem with something we sourced it is our money and time to fix it.

Q I have got a particular style of something I want. Can you get it?
Talk to us of your requirements. If you have seen something then let us know. I am sure we can find something for you. We have done lots of projects and we can help you with your design. Our merchants have a large portfolio of suppliers who can offer almost anything to the imagination.

Q What about tiles?
There is a huge choice of tiles available. We will advise you to go to visit tile merchants and take a browse. We have trade accounts with most local merchants who offer discounts so if you are choosing expensive tiles then it might be worthwhile to get us to get them for you. Have a chat with us for advice.

Q So how long does it take?
All jobs are different but a typical bathroom/kitchen install is around a week, complex jobs are more. Ask us for an estimate.

Q What does my bathroom installation entail?
Normally we gut the room out completely first and prepare any extra pipework required. If the bathroom has the only toilet in the house we will leave that in until the time comes to swap out with the new one. If the room has the only bath then we try and get the new bath in as soon as possible so you can use it to a limited extent whilst the rest of works is carried out. There may be just one evening/morning when the bath cannot be used. Secondly the tiling starts and if the room has a lot of tiling then obviously this takes a number of days. Lastly the toilet and basin are installed and any other fitments.

Q What does my kitchen installation entail?
This largely depends on the layout but normally we will approach it in sections and complete a section before ripping out a new section. This way we try to minimise the inconvenience during the build. Be prepared to live without a working sink for a few days and similarly with the hob/oven so get in some easy/microwave meals. You obviously need to empty the kitchen cupboards prior to us coming to you and find somewhere to store it.

Q Will there be much dust?
Inevitably any refurbishment work will make some dust. We will naturally dustsheet stairs and adjoining rooms and try to keep the disruption to the minimum. It will help us if you can generate as much room for us as possible to work around, particularly the bedroom with en-suite projects.

Q Will it be yourselves doing the work?
Yes it will. On some jobs we may need to get specialist companies to do some work for us. We use gas installers who are Gas Safe registered and any electrical work will be done by suitably qualified engineers.

Q Do I need to take time off work?
The majority of our customers leave us a key and leave us to it. Our livelihood is working in other peoples houses so please feel assured. It all depends what you are happy to do.

Q What do you do with the old suite?
We are licensed waste carriers and will dispose the waste at the end of the job at the local recycling centre.

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